NU:BRIEF – Personalizes newsletters to delight, engage, and convert your readers to paying subscribers

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Your audience is diverse, why do you keep sending the same newsletter to all of them?

Why Personalized Newsletters?

Personalized newsletters build a habit and become a great conversion tool for publishers, providing an alternative revenue stream to a declining ad/clickbait-centered business model.

  • Delight, Engage, Convert – Connect readers with content that is worth paying for, without harvesting personal data.
  • Build regular readership habits – Personalized content reduces choice overload, filters noise, and excludes irrelevant articles.
  • Grow your audience – Convert happy readers to subscribers.

AI Driven Personalization

NU:BRIEF uses AI-driven Personalization to automatically segment your audience and to produce a newsletter for each cohort with interesting articles tailored to the users' taste in that group, without harvesting any personal information.

Personalization Private by Default

  • No liability of collecting Personal Identifiable Information (PII)
  • Anonymous Analytics
  • Real-time evaluation of recommendations